CEO Message

We, OK KWANG ENGINEERING CO.,LTD. (from here on O.K.V)are industry leading valves manufacturing firm that produces variety of special valves as well as a supplier of On & Offshore plants and Shipbuilding industries.

With 27 years of accumulated manufacturing expertise, We've grown with innumerable customers whom above mentioned.

In recent years, We've had achievements such as development of Metal Touch Ball Valve through endless research, effort and drastic investment in spite of world's economic recession. Achievement of above mentioned product was enough to earn attention in the global valve makers & world market share, due to our Key value, and our prime object, is

“Customers comes first."

Our business policies, based on providing the best service for our customers, are as following.

" Secure indigenous technique as Best Quality"

" Secure most optimized competitiveness as Price & Delivery terms"

" Secure globalization as 1st service mind of our all O.K.V peoples "

We, O.K.V are underway of making a step forward toward the world's best valve manufacturer.
From now on, O.K.V will be always with your leading business success.
Thank you.

  • CEO
    President : SOON-OK, KIM